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We are Trivia lovers around here, and we also love giving away prizes. We spend lots of time adding new daily Trivia questions and speed Trivia questions so that you have lots and lots of chances to win the prizes we offer. We started this site to give Trivia lovers a way to have fun answering Trivia while also giving them chances to win the great prizes.

We have amassed over 20,000 Trivia questions on our site and plan on adding 20,000 more. So come back daily and challenge yourself.

The Oxford dictionary has one definition for "Trivia": "unimportant matters, details, or information". Around here, Trivia is far from unimportant. In fact, we spend countless hours scouring the internet to bring our members as much interesting information as we can find and turn it into fun and challenging Trivia questions. So if you're not already a member of our site, sign up today by trying our Daily Trivia. And if you're already a member, we hope to see you return each day to challenge your brain and see if you know as much Trivia as we do.